About the project / disclaimer

The internet project, hereafter Share-Online, provides an open storage platform for every user. This can be considered as simplification of the internet, which is otherwise severely limited by e-mails or instant messenger transfers. Share-Online allows the storage of every file type. Content restrictions are listed under item conditions

As it is possible to access Share-Online worldwide and to save files of every kind, the service cannot be made liable for the saved data. Encoding of data or hidden contents only allow the service to guarantee uploaders, that every uploaded file meets the following conditions.
Share-Online reserves the right for any form of intervention in case of non-compliance with a condition.

There is no open structure of the project, which enables third parties to view contents without knowledge of the uploader (search function). Thus it is guaranteed that non-public works are not distributed unintentionally. And data protection is always assured.


In order to make the service best possible user-friendly, the uploaded files must conform to strict rules. The operating company trusts in the users, that they follow these rules.

The following contents are NOT allowed:
  • contents with reference to sexual abuse or pornographic pictures of children, adolescents, persons involuntarily involved and animals,
  • contents which infringe trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights or personal rights including contents, which present intellectual property of persons and which are used without their approval.
  • contents, which are racialist, glorifying war, aggressive, offending religious sentiment, offensive or intentionally causing hate, even though it is no own production of texts, pictures or films.
  • Personal data of third parties, which are distributed without their consent.
If contents do not comply with these conditions, Share-Online reserves the right to delete or block them. A permanent exclusion of the service is also considered, in order to counteract a repeated upload.
See item Abuse for messages of disregards of these conditions.

When uploading a file the user agrees that Share-Online cannot be associated with these contents. A disregard of the rules does not transmit liability to Share-Online. The uploader remains responsible and can be possibly made liable by third parties.

The user accepts all conditions by his registration or use of the service Share-Online.

These include:
  • - The service cannot guarantee permanent availability.
  • - Fix transfer rates cannot be achieved due to many variables in the internet The operating company only ensures that enough reserves are available under ideal conditions. If there are permanent shortages, the internet provider has to be consulted concerning malfunctions or problems.
  • - There are no claims for compensations or redemptions.
  • - Share-Online is always entitled to intervene in every tariff, rule and condition and to adapt them to the current situation.
  • - The deligation of accounts is only allowed for a single user usage and after the complete completion of every financial progress. Infringement will cause a account shutdown.
  • - As it is viewable by single user usage no account sharing is allowed with any package of this service. The common usage is not locked to a specified location and can change any time user wants to. But any kind of usage behavior has to be doable by a single user with a single computer.


For further information please click HERE.

Data protection is endeavored to protect all saved information against the access of third parties. Naturally the data are neither sold nor exchanged. E-Mail addresses are used only for notification and are then directly deleted. In order to be able to control our capacity utilization statistically, it is necessary to save the IP address of your computers. These data will also be protected by us. After a completed download your IP address is deleted from our data base after one hour at the latest. Only the information about the used data volume remains, in order to exclude overexploitation.

Changes to this document can be done at any time without giving reasons. This document doesn't try to show all rules of this plattfrom, it only gives the important details which are maybe specialized for this service. Common worldwide agreements are provided as accepted and we demand all users to handle and use this service under these terms.