12/05/2017 Christmas Special

As gift of our Xmas Special we're offering free voucher codes which can extend your next premium duration by up to 25%. The conditions of participation are very easy, everybody can take part.

For existing customers the usage is very easy, just visit the Xmas Page while you're logged in (without an active login you get redirected to this news page).

New users create a free Collectors and request their code afterwards in the same way as the existing users do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !!

11/06/2017 Downtime for 5 hours

Today the service was not avialable for about 5 hours. We apologize for the incident.
It was possible to complete open downloads, but starting the next session was impossible.
All services got restored, no data was lost.
As a small compensation 48 hours of premium duration was added to every premium account.

11/25/2016 Christmas Special

As gift of our Xmas Special we're offering free voucher codes which can extend your next premium duration by up to 25%. The conditions of participation are very easy, everybody can take part.

For existing customers the usage is very easy, just visit the Xmas Page while you're logged in (without an active login you get redirected to this news page).

New users create a free Collectors and request their code afterwards in the same way as the existing users do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !!

03/16/2016 Phishing and malware warnings in Google Chrome

Since yesterday some parts of the website were detected as dangerous by the Google Chrome browser.
The warning was about a possible phishing and/or malware issue.
We were unable to locate any reason for this problem.
For now every kind of advertisement on the website pages was disabled.

If any user had an issue with dangerous advertisement at please let us know and create a report at

12/19/2015 Christmas Special

As gift of our Xmas Special we're offering free voucher codes which can extend your next premium duration by up to 25%. The conditions of participation are very easy, everybody can take part.

For existing customers the usage is very easy, just visit the Xmas Page while you're logged in (without an active login you get redirected to this news page).

New users create a free Collectors and request their code afterwards in the same way as the existing users do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !!

04/30/2015 New PPS Rates

Starting from today, the PPS rates (pay per sale) got renewed.

You can earn 30% (prior 20%) from the initial payment of a new customer and 20% (prior 0%) from recurring payments.

We will update the FAQ and website within the next hours to provide all needed details and rules for this system in an easy and understable way.

12/01/2014 Christmas Special

As gift of our Xmas Special we're offering free voucher codes which can extend your next premium duration by up to 25%. The conditions of participation are very easy, everybody can take part.

For existing customers the usage is very easy, just visit the Xmas Page while you're logged in (without an active login you get redirected to this news page).

New users create a free Collectors and request their code afterwards in the same way as the existing users do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !!

11/30/2014 Simplification of Traffic Calculation

The premium traffic calculation system was simplified.

Our old idea to create a very fair system with a 24 hour based timeframe seems to be to complicated for most of the users.


limitation per DAY: the calculation is done for downloads within the timeframe from 00:00 until 23:59 CET of the same day (before the timeframe was flexible, downloads of the last 24 hours were calculated what was seemingly hard to understand).

[b]limitation per WEEK[|b]: the limitation per week is now more like a short information. Is was raised from 420 GB/day to 450 GB/day but gets only activated for accounts which reached the day limitation multiple times before (what should hopefully never happen).

We hope to make a lot of users happy with these changes.

Besides this news entry the FAQ was updated (point #11), too.

11/09/2014 Redemption

As a small redemption for the trouble of the last days we added 4 days of premium time to all active and valid premium and penalty premium accounts.
At this point we're not 100% failure free able to extend already expired accounts. If your account expired within any time at the attack please contact our helpdesk to get the redemption.

We are still very sorry for the happened interference.

11/07/2014 Huge DDOS attack

Starting at the evening of 5th nov we were under attack of a seemingly massiv botnet. The amount of syn flood traffic reached 2 gbit/s what was a lot too much to fight against with own weapons. Our only chance was to move asap as possible to a provider called
This worked but the attackers were of cause knowing the old ip addresses of the service, so they were not following the dns entries but instead keep attacking the real service ips.

We're still modifing a lot of things and will give a redemption to all users who had a limited premium duration caused by this issue.

This entry will be updated as quick as possible.

update 1: please retry sending any sent email, the attack has made the whole email service unusable.

update 2: we're still working on some email issues and paysafecard payments are deactivated for the moment (caused by the new ip setup).

update 3: the email system was renewed. Emails from the website should now work again as it should.

update 4: we had to do a planned downtime to renew all databases.

update 5: the usage of paysafecard got restored.

09/13/2014 160% more profit with a new multiplier of 2.6

We have very good news for all our share-online users, the base multiplier for downloads was increased by us to 2.6. Now you can make 160% more profit with downloads at

02/20/2012 Payout methods, free user limitations

Today we've added two new ways for payouts:
- C-Gold
- Liberty Reserve

Webmoney is again active after a short deactivation.


As extension for the affiliate program and to limit the access to your own data for unregistered users we've added a userdefined file size limitation at the configuration page.


Caused by the currently very high free user amount we want to inform you about possible limitations:
- the free user download rates can be limited beneath the normale rates
- even a complete deactivation of the free download is possible (for a short period at peak time)

12/24/2011 "doubled points" restarted

We've restarted the campaign "doubled points" of last week. It runs again for seven days (started at this night 2:30 CET until next saturday - 31th of december 2011).

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

12/16/2011 2 days extra premium duration and doubled points multiplier for new files

As you may be have noticed, we had some troubles last night to complete our maintenance within the scheduled duration. Additionally we've got some issues for the availabilty of some files, we've counted the amount to up to 1% of the overall files sum. Currently our team is examining the reason for this issue.

As a small gift we've extended all premium durations by 2 days.

New files uploaded after 2:30 CET this day will get a doubled reward. If you have 2.5 as multiplier, all these files will get 5.0 instead.

This campaign is scheduled for 2 days, too, but we hopefully will find a way to extend it to one week.

12/14/2011 Maintenance

Starting at 0:30 CET at 16th of december the service will be unavailable for a short time. We've scheduled a duration of 2 hours.
This work is necessary to get a restructured platform for future changes.

10/25/2011 point system / free user file size limitation

with a short delay we can now speak about the decided changes for the point system (as mentioned in the news entry of 23th of september). All entries of the faq pages and within the user profiles will be updated shortly to enhance this news entry.

Together with these changes we've updated the free user file size limitation from 500mb to 1000mb what makes it possible for free users to provide you benefits from the point system changes, too.

09/23/2011 Changed premium point allocation

To follow to raising file sizes we've updated the allocation of points per file to a up to 4 times higher value (this campaign is limited to the 15th of october 2011, we hope to find a way to keep it alive for the future).

Files bigger than 500 Mbyte - x2: 1 premium point = 2 premium points
Files bigger than 1000 Mbyte - x4: 1 premium point = 4 premium points

To prevent misusage we're currently working on a country based solution which will be available not later than the possible final solution on 15th oct.

03/30/2011 Datacenter upgrades

Since 9:30 CET our datacenter team is working on a system wide upgrade to provide the future growth of the service. The work is done as fast as possible but some servers will be unavailable for a short duration. The anticipated increase of the system enhancement justifies this intend.
The work is scheduled for two days.

The afternoon and evening usage will not be affected.

We'll update you with status messages on the website.

03/29/2011 available

The payment provider was added to the system. Payouts through this service will be available soon.

03/04/2011 new Software available: SOUP_CLI v0.1

Today we've released a small and easy to use Command Line Interface Tool to upload files to our service. It's only an early version but all tests where successful, so feel free to grap a copy here.

02/16/2011 A few updates

Since the last updates, we've created a few more:

- The payouts with Paypal are from now on feeless, you'll only pay the dues at our service
- The Affiliate Programm handles now amounts smaller than 5 Euro. You'll be engaged with 10% for every sale of these products
- We've added special PaysafeCard prices to handle the cards more effective. They are usable with some other payments systems, too
- The largest filesize has been raised to 512 MB (before 300 MB)
- Our Upload-API has got a stability update and handles errors now more effective

02/10/2011 Summary of system migration

Two days after the launch of the new share-online platform, all runtime changes were successfully finished and some enhancements have been included. and are now available as remote-upload-source and some changes were done to the users area (caused by user requests).

To clarify some troubles from users with the new remote-upload handling:
Please do not use the user and password details within your links any longer. We've changed the system to a central account-management. You only have to insert your account data one time and are able to use the plain file-URLs for the remote-upload-process.

02/08/2011 Migration to new website system

We're currently moving to the new website. Important old features (e.g. bookmarked tools like the link extraktor) will work further and we'll implant links to a few of them later to the new service. We want to thank every bug reporter and every assistant for the notified problems and ideas.

12/25/2010 New Upload-Tool

As a small Xmas Gift, we present the new Share-Online Upload-Tool.
Guests are able to use the fast and easy to use upload feature and get the download-links directly after the upload.
Registered users get a complete export function for all files within their account.

For more information:

11/09/2010 Paysafecard

From now on the paysafecard payment type is available for premium-accounts. Prepaid will follow as soon as possible.

08/20/2010 FTP-Server Upgrades, support

While we've redesigned the complete technique of the running FTP-Servers (the Remote-Upload-Service extends some parts of it), the remote-upload-support for has been added.
We're currently testing the funtion. The plugin is available at the currently running website and within the alpha project, too.
Megaupload seems to use different Hyperlink types, we have currently focused our work on the syntax.

08/04/2010 ALPHA Version - v3

After a few slow downs we're now able to present:
The first ALPHA version is available for testing purposes.
To avoid some criticism, questions or suggestions:

- We will release a usable light version of the page (the current shown version is anything else than completed)
- The Prepaid-System isn't implanted
- Offline-Bankwire is not possible
- pictures and tables with informations are missing
- some features (like the affiliate program) are running to an errorpage
- the new ticketsystem is missing
- the pages are not optimized for all browsers (they were build with safari and firefox for testing)
- the language files are containing many failures

Addicted to the further problems or feature requests, we will bring the page online within the next 2 or 3 weeks (maybe later).

We are grateful for any criticism, ideas or feature request. Please use the contact page on the old website to contact us, or send your email to support[ at ]


07/08/2010 Migration of &

After a long time of consideration we've decided to combine the projects and
The new Website of will start within a few days and we'll try to move all Data, Useraccount and Settings from to the new System.
Uploading to was disabled a few seconds ago to guaranty a smooth migration.
We want to thank any user of for the usage of the service and hope to see you again at

06/14/2010 DNS Failures

Within the time from 19:30 since 22:15 MET our DNS provider caused a non availability of our service.
Starting at 20:15 MET nobody of us could reach the service with the domain name so we decided to use the time for a maintenance of the database system. This update was anyway necessary for the upcoming "Share-Online-v3" software.

We would like to apologize ourselves for any inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding.

[email protected]

01/29/2010 Change of premium-holdingtime - 15th of feburary 2010

Caused by a highered populartiy and outstanding service update, the holdingtime for premium uploads will be changed at 15th of feburary. This change is only the first step to fetch the possible results and will may be changed later again.

Currently this change will only affect Premium-Users with a massive drivespace consumption:

Drivespace usageRemoval of unused data< 250 GBnever> 250 GB < 500 GB75 days> 500 GB < 750 GB60 days> 750 GB < 1000 GB50 days> 1000 GB < 1500 GB40 days> 1500 GB30 days

Every runtime will only affect one capacitystep. Only if the used space is higher as the desired maximum, the next level will be used at the next run.

We would like to ask all users to contact us if they do not agree with this solution. We will try to find an other personal way.

12/15/2009 Account extension updated

A big issue was (caused by the unequal reward multipliers) the account extension or upgrade of accounts with premium points, because the extentions had fixed pointamounts.
The new systems uses the new running routines of the account creation section with was successfully tested since a few months.

From now on it is easily possible to upgrade and extend accounts to a new duration with premium points.

11/21/2009 Today internal mistake with points system

Today at 9 am we had had an internal mistake which caused a &#8220;false&#8221; credit of 100000 points. We have eliminated this mistake in our system in the meantime and the&#8221; false&#8221; credits are all cancelled again.

We apology for that situation and confirm you that everything is now working all right

We have finished the rebuild of all useraccounts and their premiumpoints amount. Please contact us by email with every further issue or question.

10/13/2009 Payouts with Webmoney available / Remote Support

The payout methods got a webmoney extension.
All registered users can use it since today.

Our Remote Uploader got also an extension. From now on is available as source. It seems that our routing is not the best to the servers of hotfile. The download speed is lower than from other providers. It works without any troubles but please take a cup of coffee to do something usefull meanwhile ;).

10/01/2009 Upload-API available

Today Share-Online announces its 1st public upload API. Don't be amazed about the "version 3" inside the filenames. Both other versions were non public releases and were now replaced with the new version.
More details and facts can be found here.

09/26/2009 Raidshare Remote Upload disturbed

Since yesterday the remote upload support for is disturbed, or inactive. Apparently, the company Rapidshare prevents the possibility of its users, to transfer files - as part of the available traffic - from one operator to another. This is not about asking the user if he wants to take this opportunity, but within a short time they are locking an entire IP range, what makes the connection for the supplier impossible. We can only assume if this only happened to Share-Online. Since the daily remote transport for this provider keeps very limited, we stop all our efforts, and all users must now ask for your understanding, as all further attempts would be futile. We're very surprise about these steps and especially for such a large company like Rapidshare.

07/10/2009 Pay-Per-Lifetime

Today as an extension of the affiliate program we launch with the "Pay-Per-Lifetime" support.
Each user who advertises new users, gets 5% of any later payout amount recalculated into premium-points. And this lifelong and completely for free.
It can't be easier to earn premium-points!

To take part, every new user has to enter your user name or the email address of your account at the registration form. The rest will be done by the affiliate program.

06/30/2009 New PrePaid System

On today's Tuesday we have activated as an end for the revised Paymantsystem a PrePaid function for owners of collector-accounts.

It is possible to every collector from now on, to upgrade the access for a short time to all premium download functions. The download is advertising-free therefore, the waiting period is cancelled and the downloads have no speed limitations.

Points can be earned anymore with the own uploaded files or can be bought separately.

At the moment tickets with 1, 3, 9 and 15h are available. Everybody who needs a longer ticket should think about the purchase of a premium access.

At the moment we work on a new documentation (among other things the FAQ) in which also the PrePaid system will be exactly explained once again, as well as all renewals happened in the last time appear.

06/04/2009 Accounts for Points

Starting today, new accounts can be created from premium points. The reward factor is strictly observed so that no one is unfairly treated. Available to all Premium-Account-Durations.
For now the converted prices are 20 percent cheaper than the regular sale. GET IT NOW!

04/20/2009 New Remote Servers

As some people may noticed the combination of remote-upload and ftp-service was a bit laggy for the last weeks.
The remote-engine and ftp-service is seperated from now on what results in a much better accessibility and performance for both services.

01/09/2009 Link-Extraktor Updates

Some Updates were made for the Link_Extraktor
A CSV Export has been implanted (now it would be very simple to get the own to Excel or Calc) and a direct Export to Folder is available.

01/06/2009 Server-Change caused by to many customers

After most one week of very high traffic load on both main servers, we had no other chance as moving to two other much more powerfull machines.
We want to apologize ourself for the low website and hope to make you satisfied with the brand new machines.
[email protected]

01/03/2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR and MORE!

In Addition to a new year we have updated our remote-uploader. It now supports and with remote-data.The next extention is a free FTP-Upload for every registed user!

12/24/2008 MERRY CHRISTMAS! wants to send the best wishes to everbody with a happy "MERRY XMAS!".

As a small present we can provide a renewed web-service which gots along many approvements in details and is much more stabil, comfortable and reliable.

For the upcoming weeks we have big plans for further improvements.

So, "stay tuned" ;-)

09/09/2008 New database server - some accessibility troubles!

We have to apologize ourself for the last few days. We had to move to a new database server but the backup-system wasn't strong enough to handle the count of customers.
Last night all operations were finished and Share-Online runs faster as ever before!

06/15/2008 Easier we have installed 2 additional updates at share-online

1)our new upload box for up to 50 links ftp or http which is online under url upload for registrated users

2)you can copy easily your links under if you are locked in

04/21/2008 Improvement of

Currently we are working hard to improve the performence of Share-Online. Because there is a lot to do it can take some weeks. Next Month (May) we will start the optimization of the hardware. To work on the hardware we have to put one server after an other offline to optimize him. While one the server is offline you can't download files which are saved on him but the files are backuped. You will get an advice if you want to start a download from an machine which we are working on. Then please try again the next day. The works will help us to increase the security and performence of the servers. For example our sometimes don't accept uploads or starts downloads.
Best Regards,
Tobias Wagner