• perhaps CAPTCHA requests
  • ticket-waiting (at least s)
  • reduced download speed (now max. 100 kb/s)
  • annoying advertisements
  • only 1 download thread concurrent
  • limited download slots
  • downloads non-resumable
  • limited to bandwidth per hour/file
  • start immediately
  • no ticket-waiting
  • unlimited download speed
  • no advertisements, pop ups or layer
  • concurrent downloads
  • highest priority for download sessions
  • downloads resumable
  • no hour-limitation
  • maximum filesize
  • removement of unused files after days
  • usage of all upload posibilites
  • participation in all affiliate programs
  • maximum filesize
  • no removement of unused files (*)
  • usage of all upload posibilites
  • participation in all affiliate programs

Registration for collective accounts (free)

To use all features and benefits of the project, you need an account.You choose the free Collectors Account or the higher featured Premium-Access. Both packages have an enormous user area which is ideal for managing the own uploads. The Premium-Accounts extend this features with its unlimited download functions.We recommend a Premium-Account for every user with high demand for downloads (compare packages)

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Be a part of the "Pay-Per-Lifetime"-Program.

Our service provides an extra benifit system for all file owners: (please don't mix up to this feature with the Affiliate Program!):

If you we're promoted by an other user, and want to give him some benefits with every payout you'll start in the future, please enter his Username or Email-Adress, which he's using at this plattform, to the following form.

(The entered data will ne progressed in the backgound of your registration. Please validate the input exactly by your own, it'll not be shown as valid or invalid.)